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Softion | 📍Jakarta, ID

  • Passionately managing a set of talented software engineers (5 engineers) providing various technology solutions ranging from developing multiple platforms (e-commerce / Web3 / Company websites), middleware, and infrastructure solutions.

  • Reaching out and tendering projects to potential clients, identifying business problems and providing technical solutions.


Digital Center Jakarta | 📍Jakarta, ID
Software Business Analyst

  • Development Area: E-Commerce

    • Launched first gold bar and jewelry selling platform in Indonesia.

    • Gather requirements, design application flow, development stages, and manage project deliverables.

    • Deliverables:

      • Admin Dashboard (Website)

      • Merchant Dashboard (Website)

      • Customer Application (Mobile Apps)

  • Development Area: Banking

    • Revamping new mobile banking application

    • Design application flow, development stages, and sprint planning.

    • Deliverables:

      • KBStar (Mobile Apps)


Seeded | 📍San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer & Tech Advisor

  • Developed SeededGPT front-end site, SeededGPT is a generative AI platform to assist user in designing their interior based on their desired parameters (Color tone, styles, and type).

  • Features developed: image & coordinates mapping, integrating image recognition API response to a similar set of shoppable items based on category and style.

  • Integrating Stripe payment method for the SeededGPT and multiple other areas of the website.


Pinterest | 📍San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer L3

  • Developed and launched multiple shopping projects (PDP+, Variant Saving/Sharing, etc.) in React JS to enhance and increase user experience and conversion.

  • PDP+ and Variant Saving/Sharing project resulted in a 13% increase in user-conversion rate, measured via Helium metrics.

  • Implemented a visual-regression test tool from Cypress for multiple modules used by Pinterest Shopping website and mobile.


THE YES | 📍San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer 

  • Spearheaded project execution for implementing an order status indicator to both website and mobile using React JS & React Native, which resulted in a 37% reduction in CX/CS contact-rate.

  • Optimized promo visuals and interactions, increasing guest user-conversion rate by 21%.

  • Integrated PayPal payment system to desktop and mobile web, collaborating with an engineering partner.


2019 - 2021

University of Washington | Bachelor’s Degree

Electrical & Computer Engineering - Embedded Computing Systems

GPA: 3.6/4.0

Affiliated Organizations: ISAUW, UW HPS, COESAC (EE Rep.)

2017 - 2019

Shoreline Community College | Associate's Degree

Mathematics & Physical Science

GPA: 3.73/4.0

Affiliated Organizations: ISC (Vice)

& Expertise

Frontend Development:
  • ReactJS
  • NextJs
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Angular
  • VueJs
Backend Development:
  • png-clipart-node-js-javascript-express-js-npm-react-github-angle-text
  • Go-Logo_Blue
  • php-logo-png-transparent-svg-vector-bie-supply-1
  • Python-logo-notext.svg
Cloud Development:
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Docker
Database Development:
  • png-transparent-postgresql-logo-computer-software-database-open-source-s-text-head-snout
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • GraphQL
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